• Plan the Presentation

    L4 Presentation 

    Positively perplexed about how to prepare for your presentation?  Plan painlessly with the attached form Planning the Presentation. Make sure that you not only identify key filmic features and techniques, but that you FULLY ANALYZE them too – this is where you gain your marks. You may not find much to talk about in every single category, but there will be things worth saying for most of them.

    Planning the Presentation

  • Investigate Film Noir


    L3 Blog 3

    Dive into the seedy depths of film noir and discover the codes and conventions used in this classic genre. First, view The Rules of Film Noir (2009), and then read this online article. With the information you have learned, create an attractive powerpoint in bullet form (list your information, don’t write lengthy paragraphs) and visuals to illustrate your content.  Upload your presentation to Slideshare  and post on your blog.

    Format for Conventions of Film Noir ppt.

    1. Title Slide with your name
    2. Origin (give a brief history – remember to use bullets only!)
    3. Characters (what type of characters can be found in film noir?)
    4. Visual Style (what type of shots, lighting, etc., are used?)
    5. Iconography (what icons/symbols are often seen?)
    6. Themes (what are some common themes/ideas found in the stories?)
    7. Narrative Devices (how is the story told?)
  • Close Scene Analysis: Man on Wire


    Life is a Romantic Matter

    In 2008, James Marsh’s Man on Wire took the festival circuit by storm winning the Special Jury Award and Audience Award at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and then capturing the Jury Prize and Audience Award in the World Cinema: Documentary category at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. A few months later, it took home the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 81st Academy Awards. Man on Wire chronicles Philippe Petit’s wire-walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in August of 1974. Constructed like a classic heist film and utilizing interviews, blow-by-blow re-creation and re-enactments as well as archival footage even including Super 8 footage from Petit’s personal camera, Man on Wire transcends the label of documentary. With this strong underlying narrative, Man on Wire comes to a head during a fantastic climax scene that mixes together still photographs, interviews and archival footage to…

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  • The Rashomon Effect


    L4 Blog 2:

    Please read Stephen Prince’s analysis, The Rashomon Effect.  Choose an argument that Prince makes about the film, and agree/disagree using specific examples from the film to support your opinion.  Please strive to discuss a point that truly puts forth an intriguing, substantial idea that you can discuss intelligently.