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ACI Film Events 

Find the latest updates, submission guidelines, and registration forms for ACI Film events here.

ACI Film Studies youtube

Filmmaker IQ 

Film Maker IQ is a group of filmmakers who discuss a range of topics. With articles on things such as Make-Up Tutorials to Camera comparisons, they answer both  the whys and hows of filmmaking and help us understand the new media wave, without forgetting the old.

No Film School

No Film School is a site for DIY filmmakers and independent creatives run by Brooklyn based filmmaker Ryan Koo. It offers solutions to how to get the most out of the things you create in order to sustain a long career as a filmmaker, writer, director, producer, editor, cinematographers and much more.

Go Into the Story

Good screenwriters know how important it is to know every trick of the trade there is (even if they do not use them all).  Go Into The Story ditches all the fancy graphics and cluttering advertisements and opts for the bare essentials of screenwriting.  Blogger Scott Myers, a screenwriting professor at the University of North Carolina, posts advice and how-to-guides daily to aid young writers in the creative process.  The blog also sports an extensive list of other great websites and blogs that serve as great resource as well.

Film Riot

Film Riot is a video tutorial site with a comedic twist.  Host Ryan Connolly covers every subject from how to make a music video, to using CGI, to how to cast your film.  This site is a delightful departure from the typical monotonous tutorials usually found on the net as the humorous videos take a narrative structure making them actually enjoyable to watch.

Short of the Week


This site has been serving bite-sized epic films to millions around the world since 2007. Find the most innovative stories from all genres here.