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  1. One day ı woke up and realized it was the first day that I stepped into a whole different adventure which is called the IB program. It’s a perfect program to develop internationally minded people based on common humanity. IB students must have some certain kind of abilities which distinguish them from people in ordinary MEB curriculum. And the reason I’m in IB program is that I find myself adequate for the requirements to be a model IB student. I believe that my strengths are being reflective, principled, open-minded, caring, being a risk-taker and being balanced. I believe these abilities work for me because although I’m aware about my limitations, I am a big fan of dreaming. I really believe that anything can be achieved by hard work. I’m totally honest with myself and I’m comfortable with my weaknesses. Surely I have taken some actions to overcome them. Just talking about honesty and truthfulness, my favorite phrase is ‘it’s not fair’. I like talking about ethics or issues between races. I’m totally open to other point of views, traditions and culture and therefore I like to travel. I take part in social services like animal shelter or YGA, because I defend the idea of we need each other. Also, I like to take risks. The way I do it is that I trick myself that in a particular moment my role in the play is to act like a person with a stereotype. Although I am totally not comfortable with drama, I believe our lives are based on drama and we can change our roles to time to time. Additionally, I’m a balanced person and I know this in results of my experiences. When I have breakups or when I’m mentally tired, I know how to clear my mind and get rid of all sense of negativity. It’s usually happens by playing tennis or I get focused on my work instead of being apprehensive. I have weaknesses as well, such as when I rate myself on being a communicator, my point is 5 or 6. I guess I can be more comfortable when I’m alone in tasks but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like working with others. I have just some trouble explaining myself or convincing others. Being curious is something that I have but then I mostly feel indolent to look for the subject that I’m curious about and then I forget about it. I agree that’s one of the worst habits that I have. It’s needed to be fixed immediately. Being knowledgeable seems pretentious to me so I don’t know if I can comment on that at this point. Also being a thinker may not be my favorite one because I’m type of a person who dedicates her life on the motto ‘just do it’. To overcome these things I will be more interactive and try to pay attention on my future plans. I really believe that I have so many things to learn in IB program, and I’m sure with this program I will turn wrongs to rights for me and other people.

  2. Congratulations as you begin your journey with the IB Diploma program! Your transparent reflection of the IB Learner Profile gives me every reason to believe you will be very successful, and I look forward to having you in class this year!

  3. I kind of don’t like rating myself because I generally have a hard time making a decision. I’m a curious person and I’m hungry for information. I have all these questions in my head I’m afraid to ask because I don’t want to seem like I’m too weird or I’m going to give a philosophy class later in the future. Other times you can hear me say “Oh, I watched that on National Geographic Channel!” or ” I remember searching that up because I was curious”. I’m always up for a new information or an interesting fact. I’m a knowledgeable person and I’m not. I have a level of knowledge in certain topics but I literally have no idea about others. I’m a thinker though. If I don’t have the proper knowledge to solve a problem I will try my best to think a creative solution and if I have to know something important in order to solve that problem, I learn it. I’m hardly a communicator because I most of time lack the confidence needed to communicate. It’s a big issue of mine and I’m slowly trying to work it out, like baby steps. I can comfortably say that I rock at being a principled person. I’m honest and I take pride in that. I take responsibility for my actions and I’m devoted to my principles. I have my own opinions which many people can disagree but I’m okay with it and I’m interested to listen to theirs because I’m an open-minded person. I am caring but I sometimes feel like I am not caring for some people therefore I can’t really say that I rock at being caring. I’m not a risk-taker. I stress too much so taking a risk isn’t really good for my health. I’m not a balanced person either. I’m too happy or too sad. I’m too enthusiastic or not at all. I guess I’ve never been a balanced person. I’m halfway reflective. I know my strengths and weaknesses, sometimes I manage to work with them sometimes I can’t. Even thought I don’t have the complete IB learner profile I believe I will be successful.

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