Oral Presentation Outline

Oral Presentation – Outline, Checklist & Samples


A. Introduction

  1. Excerpt Choice & Significance – Brief Rationale Why?
  2. Excerpt Relationship to Whole Film
  3. Brief Intro of Shot Analysis Areas to be focused on
  4. Director’s Background & Intent
  5. Genre & Sociocultural Context (Time/Place & consider Historical, Political, Economical Environment made)

B. Main Body

  1. In depth Shot by Shot Analysis
  2. Interconnecting Excerpt to Whole
  3. Analyzing & Interweaving Director’s Intent
  4. Analyzing & Interweaving Genre, Sociocultural Context
  5. Audience/Reviewer/Critic/Scholar Response

Context  A. Place the film i. Director’s Work ii. Time when Made (historical, socio-cultural) iii. Relation to other films B. Place the extract i. Position in plot ii. Thematic Threads

Setting, Acting, Costume  A. Visual Style B. Iconography C. Actors D. Production Design

Cinematography and Lighting  A. Style- realistic/formalistic B. Angles, Framing, Lens Choice C. Camera and actor blocking D. Dominant Imagery/Icons/Color E. Camera Distance/ Proxemics, Territorial Design, Open vs. Closed forms F. Light Design-Key and Contrast

Editing  A. Style B. Manipulations of time and speed C. Length of cuts and pacing D. Narrative techniques such as flashbacks/forwards, parallel action E. Montage or Visual Metaphor

Score  A. Style of Music/ Types of Instruments Used / Historic Undertones B. Repeated Motifs C. Foley or FX- Diegetic/Non Diegetic D. Synchronous/Nonsynchronous

Script  A. Narrative Structure/ Style B. Character Driven vs Plot Driven C. Nature of Dialogue- D. Use of humor, subtext or irony E. Thematic message/Archetypes/ Myth

Genre (1:30) A. Features determing Genre B. How extract meets genre C. How extract subverts genre

C. Conclusions

  1. How meaning is constructed though film language?
  2. How & Why excerpt is powerful to whole Film?
  3. What overall conclusions can be drawn considering Director’s Intent, Sociocultural Context and Audience, Reviewer, Critic, Scholar response?
  4. Final Overall Rationale


– Did I examine film language and it’s use in the film’s mise-en-scene and production design/shot design and composition/ lighting/editing/digetic and non-digetic sound/narrative/symbolism/iconograpy . . .and whatever other elements are significant for this particular film

-Did I use the extract to discuss or analyze the director’s intent?

-Did I  place the film in context of history, either film history or genre history?

-Did I put the film in a broader sociocultural context?

-Did I keep the description of the film’s plot to minimum, while focusing on analysis?

-Did I consider the film’s target audience?

-Did I bring cue cards for the presentation? (Note: Do not read the Presentation. Centers where students are suspected of reading will be investigated for malpractice. Cards with cue notes are appropriate)

– Did I bring my list of sources to complete the cover sheet?


Did I find ‘examples of responses from audiences and reviewers, critics or scholars at the time of the original release and/or subsequently,’ and have these samples been discussed as part of the presentation?


Oral Assessment Criteria:

–       Richly detailed evaluative interpretation of the extract, how meaning is constructed through use of film language.

–       An excellent awareness of the relationship to the film as a whole.

–       A persuasive explanation for the selection of the extract.

–       Excellent awareness of the film’s genre and/or its place in a broader sociocultural context.

–       Insightful analysis of the director’s intention, and examples of responses from audiences and reviewers, critics or scholars at the time of its original release and/or subsequently have been discussed.

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