Independent Study CHECKLIST


Have films been chosen from more than one country?! (Have you chosen an unfamiliar film tradition or film culture to explore?)  
Have you chosen the correct minimum number of films? 4 at HL  
Do you understand what film theory or strand of film history your documentary script focuses on?  Do you state this specifically in your rationale?  
Is there a rationale   (not a synopsis) of no more than 100 words?  
Have the films been well chosen?! Do they relate well to the chosen Film Theory or Film History topic?  
Do you treat films, cultures, and countries equally in the documentary script?  
Is the script written in Documentary script format?! (2 columns with audio on the right, and video on the left, written across pages in ordinary orientation, not horizontally)  
Is the script written in correct professional style?! 12 pt Courier font.  
Is the script the correct number of pages?! 12-15 pages HL  
Does the script show familiarity with the films and the theory or history topic?! (You should be watching the complete films, not excerpts on Youtube, etc.  You may want to watch films   other than the main films being dealt with in order to become more familiar with the topic.  The number of films represented is a minimum.)  
Does the script do a good job of engaging the target audience?! (Film students like yourself.  Be careful!! Don’t dumb down the script.)  
Is there both scope and depth to the argument, or is it superficial?  
Is the script well developed both visually and aurally?! (Strong scripts will require reading back and forth from audio to video columns.!   Weak scripts will be an essay in the audio column with illustrative pictures in the video column.)  
Do the visuals create a meaning and rhythm of their own?  
Are the visuals and audio aptly and proficiently linked?! (Careful there is not too much white space on the page.)  
Have the visuals been clearly and specifically described?! (Time code may be used for the student’s reference but is not necessary, and time   code alone will not allow the examiner to understand the significance of the visuals.)  
Are the films coherently and fully integrated into the script?  
Is there an annotated list of sources?! (FROM THE GUIDE: The annotated list of   sources should refer to all materials used in researching the topic and all materials used in the documentary itself, including films from   which extracts will be shown and quotations from experts or academics.   Annotations should give the source and/or location of the reference. A comment   on the relevance of the source must be included.)  
Do sources indicate persistance?! (Time spent viewing and analyzing primary sources,   and time spent discovering books, dvd commentaries, and other sources   beyond the obvious internet sources.)  
Are insightful comparisons made coherently and with precision?

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