Prep H Filmmakers



photo by Sumru Nur Elden


Prep H writing students at ACI have been planning and producing a film for a competition to promote Gender Inequality Awareness.  Over the semester break, they will get footage from all over the globe and collaborate through the cloud to finish the film.  Bravo, fabulous filmmakers, we can’t wait to see the result!


photo by Sumru Nur Elden


Man on Wire


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Watch the video segment of the documentary, Man on Wire at   Read the article on the blog post, Close Scene Analysis: Man on Wire and find another article about the film on the web. Cite at least once from both articles and discuss two ways in which you feel this film challenges the expected conventions of a documentary.  To review the conventions of a documentary, go to

Close Scene Analysis: Man on Wire


Life is a Romantic Matter

In 2008, James Marsh’s Man on Wire took the festival circuit by storm winning the Special Jury Award and Audience Award at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and then capturing the Jury Prize and Audience Award in the World Cinema: Documentary category at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. A few months later, it took home the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 81st Academy Awards. Man on Wire chronicles Philippe Petit’s wire-walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in August of 1974. Constructed like a classic heist film and utilizing interviews, blow-by-blow re-creation and re-enactments as well as archival footage even including Super 8 footage from Petit’s personal camera, Man on Wire transcends the label of documentary. With this strong underlying narrative, Man on Wire comes to a head during a fantastic climax scene that mixes together still photographs, interviews and archival footage to…

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