On the Making of ‘Psychedelic”


Congratulations!  You’ve just produced and completed your first movie trailer assignment.  You shot your footage as a group,  and you each participated in various aspects of editing.  Write an individual reflection discussing your directorial choices and your experience in this filmmaking process.  What were your strengths?  Your weaknesses?  What have you learned, and how would you do things differently?

3 responses

  1. While makin our IB Film Noir film Psychedelic we all experienced new things in film making. We all did some cinematography and brainstormed about the storyboard. Every one of us added something new into the film. The most challenging part was the editing part because while I was editing I had a şot of things that I didn’t know so I had to learn them in order to create what was in my mind . It took so long to edit but the final project was really good and I liked my editing so much. I think the story in this trailer is really interesting, we thought so much on it so I think every little detail is mystery and while watching the trailer audience will wonder about the film.

  2. While were were making the film Psychedelic, I shot Göksu’s walking scene. I helped in finding music from freeplaymusic.org. As we were creating the storyboard, I helped the other group members and everybody shared their opinions related to the plot. Hence. we completed it with a teamwork. Besides Göksu’s walking scene I also shot his look towards Selen from the building. Then we combined those two scenes. From the freeplaymusic.org I searched some songs that could be appropriate with the film’s theme. Unfortunately I couldn’t help Selen as she was editing the film. since I really do not know anything about editing. I should develop myself on that. I should learn how to do editing fast and decent. ıf we make another film I really try hard to improve myself. additionally I should do more shooting, learn all the features of a camera. In this film I just shot two scenes and attempted to find compatible music. I should work hard and improve myself, nevertheless this movie is better than the one we shot in the beginning of the year. We could clearly see that both three of us developed ourselves a lot.

  3. Prior to making our IB Film Noir Project ”Psychedelic, we first brainstormed about our story, and looked at other Film Noir projects by students from abroad. After deciding on the story, we talked about how we would shoot it, and everyone contributed with new ideas. The most challenging part was editing I think, and I learned that it is usually most of the work. Like Selen, I learned many things about editing and with the help of this project, I gained a unique experience of film making. I think I did a very good job with the camera, and I contributed with good ideas about how and where we were going to shoot the trailer. I agree with Selen, that our story is interesting and looks attractive so the audience will be curious about our actual film…

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