Investigate Film Noir


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Dive into the seedy depths of film noir and discover the codes and conventions used in this classic genre. First, view The Rules of Film Noir (2009), and then read this online article. With the information you have learned, create an attractive powerpoint in bullet form (list your information, don’t write lengthy paragraphs) and visuals to illustrate your content.  Upload your presentation to Slideshare  and post on your blog.

Format for Conventions of Film Noir ppt.

  1. Title Slide with your name
  2. Origin (give a brief history – remember to use bullets only!)
  3. Characters (what type of characters can be found in film noir?)
  4. Visual Style (what type of shots, lighting, etc., are used?)
  5. Iconography (what icons/symbols are often seen?)
  6. Themes (what are some common themes/ideas found in the stories?)
  7. Narrative Devices (how is the story told?)

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