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  1. This film has great shots. I loved it overall. The most exciting thing in the film was the life photographs of the people when Lola past by. Director clearly showed what will happen to them in the three occassions. I loved the way director showed the photographs because it made me excited about them. The shots were always defining the emotions of the characters. Anger, frustration, madness,etc and music was playing throughout the film and it didn’t bothered me because when a sound plays as very long time audience can get irritated by it but in this film it didn’t happen because the film was so full of action that the sound was making the actions more meaningfull. Also what made this film different from the others was the animations. Especially when Lola started to run downstairs and I think it was memorable but a bit long because after three occassions the you start to get bored and tired from that part it seems so long. I also liked the quotes at the beginning because I think they are so meaningful and so compatible with the film’s theme.

    • I loved the photos, too, and how they illustrated each person’s future differently each time. Did you notice that the stairs scene was different each time too? You said the quotes were meaningful and compatible – what do you think the quotes meant?

  2. In my opinion ” Run Lola Run ” is a really magnificent film that provides the audience to think more about narrative techniques. Especially we can talk about mise-en-scene that is used to affect the audience in the running scenes, I think director wants people to feel the tension and the excitement. . Whole film’s purpose is to give that excitement to the audience by using mis-en-scene. As we were watching the film we felt the bustle and hurry of Lola. Additionaly mis-en-scene is the composition of the movie. In those running scenes the music was effective too and it brought move and emotion to the film. The whole film approaches to the life as if it was a game. I think the pendulum that was shown after the telephone call between Lola and Manni indicates the beginning of Lola’s game. In addition the cartoon scenes that are demonstrating Lola as she is running through stairs give audience an impression as if it was a video game. This identical impression also makes me feel as if I was in the film, sharing the same excitement with Lola. All emotions and the things which were done by the characters were realistic, mise-en-scene was realistic, the lightings, decoration, sound, characters, places were edited very well like Lola’s dirty room or the telephone box that Manni was in. I love flashbacks, we watched the same event for three times however it happened always in a different way. In spite of that not a second of this movie is boring.

    • Bravo, Mert, you are now speaking like a critical film student! I loved the duality of the realistic qualities juxtaposed with the cartoon/game appeal. You made a number of well constructed observations!

  3. Like Selen, I really liked the film since it was an extraordinary film with successful narrative techniques and deep philosophical ideas.The film approached life as if it was a game and showed us how many events in life are determined by chance and casualty, for instance the people Lola bumps into while running; how their fates were decided by chance and butterfly effects. The whole purpose of the movie was to make the audience think about life,fate,chance and time through some different narrative techniques such as mise-en-scene which actually consists of everything in the movie basically. From the beginning, considering the quotes, the clock and the scene where the bank security guard kicks the football where we see random people from the society whom Lola will see later while running, we get the impression that life is a game, there are countless possibilities and chance is a significant factor in life. Then with the high pace of the movie and especially with the reality of the movie as it is mentioned in the ”Film Analysis” article, we feel the weight of the situation ourselves and start to think about our lives, or imagine ourselves in their places or just think philosophically about the concept of life. As it is mentioned in that article, I too would say that the reality elements in the film were the elements that made it what it is. Basically everything in the movie, the places, the people, the costumes and the casual events that cause some other situations, they are all realistic and therefore so intense,dramatic and effective on the audience since they are imaginable and people can find similarities with their lives in the movie and emphatize with the characters. Therefore, it makes the film more effective in terms of keeping the audience active and thinking and feeling the intensity of the film.
    As I stated, many different narrative techniques which can be counted under mise-en-scene are used in the film, such as the quotes and the first scene about football, or the cartoon part where Lola runs down the stairs or the background music that makes the scene more tense or the photographs from the future we see only for about a second after Lola meets a person while running. These all contribute to make the audience feel the atmosphere, the reality and the weight of both the the situation and the concept of life in general in my opinion. Everyting was so realistic that it was like real life rather than fiction, as it was supposed to be, and of course not a second of the movie was boring..

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